We are introducing a fabulous car exhibition in the Arab Emirates by March 2013!! Our key strength is the fantastic virtual property we hold – Visit to have a thriving automotive experience. Come and take part in the launching ceremony of brand new cars. The exclusive trade fair will display all branded company’s used cars of all models like pimped cars, young timer, sport cars, super cars, and vintage cars as well as new cars. We arrange booking and test drive facility. You will have provision for financial assistance. An accessory display of branded cars will also be arranged. More than that, the trade fair is proposed to conduct daily cultural events and car races. Wait to have a classy experience. will be an exclusive portal to deliver live exposure of our company’s daily events. This will be a perfect portal that can meet all the facilities of a physical car market. State wise selection of showrooms is possible and you can opt your requirement like buy, sell or rental, the car model, colour, new car or used one with year model, mode of payment etc from a list of world brands. You can surf out the beautiful images of the car you select. Proficient automotive engineers teamed as Quality Assurance tech to certify each car. The certification explains the car’s present condition, its alignments, model, engine quality, insurance etc. New Booking and payment facility will be provided and door delivery is available if requested. Financial support with EMI facility is available on behalf of Portal will be facilitated with links to buy spare parts of each company and models. Daily offers will be displayed to help you save more! We arrange servicing facility and you can register online. We assist you online with 24 hrs Customer support. The portal will be a high earning online hub for buying and selling of cars and car rentals. You can visit the world’s topmost automobile company’s advertisements on the portal that allows direct entry to the particular company. It is designed in an attractive way that you may feel it is easy to surf through.

Virtual Business scope hikes up with a million ways to boost an online business!! We enter into virtual business with our high valued domain names that have endless commercial scope. Perfect domains are the key to enhance business in Virtual business world and these are defined in consideration with a number of features. ARABIANCARMARKET.COM is a 100% business domain with all the features of a perfect domain like concept oriented, easily readable, writable, less chance of misspell, hard to typographical errors etc. The CNO pack (dot com, dot net and dot org) along with its dot ae extension is available with us. Keyboard shortcuts to get domain name with these extensions on browser are Ctrl+Enter for .com, Shift+Enter for .net and Ctrl+Shift+Enter for .org extension of the domain name. The name itself describes the business it relates to. It delivers the idea of a car market based in the Arabian countries. More than 50% of the Arab population use car as their common means of transportation and there is 20% increase in car sale from the previous year. So a business in this regard is always seems to be successful. The is able to open franchisees all over the Arab countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain etc.

The domain name is geo-targeted, and the scope is much bigger than a generally focused domain name. It can market the domestic car requirements. People will like to approach an internationally branded but domestically available market than a market situated somewhere in the globe. This increases the reliability of the market and people will surely depend on it. It is our social responsibility to provide this geo-targeted domain name to be marketed in the Emirates. Virtual business always engaged in buying and selling of domain names and value of domain is hiking year after year. It is just like real estate. It can either be developed or sold out or leased as you wish, as we do for a physical property.

You can have a few examples of such online car markets:

Domain Quality

• Self-explanatory conceptual domain name

• Top level domain with gold standard (CNO pack) available

• Targets a profitable massive market – highly marketable

• Perfect domain characteristics

• Easily typed and pronounced

• High readability and hard to misspell

• HNS free domain (HNS means hyphens, numbers and symbols)

• Free from prefix and suffix

• 76% English

• Heterograph-free and heteronym-free domain name

• Domain with BTC standards (BTC: Below Twenty Characters)

• 3 words and 13 characters

• SEO friendly

• Highly memorable keyword

• Easily recognizable domain

Our Speciality

CyberUnicorn is first to sell domain names as CNO packs in Virtual Business Industry. We sell highly conceptual quality domains that have a business idea hidden in it which can be developed to Virtual Business Firms (VBFs). Not only public auction, but online bidding facilities also are available to purchase domain name.

One of our VBF is IPLNEWS.COM – An Exclusive IPL News Portal for delivering Indian Premier League related news to society – under RAVRA – The New Generation Media. As a Director of RAVRA, I, Esahaque Eswaramangalam, CHAIRMAN – and can proudly say that we are able to generate high income on developing IPLNEWS.COM as a perfect dynamic portal using such a keyword rich domain name with high traffic. Since the punch of cricket is getting high each and every day, we are sure IPLNEWS.COM will get high attention in the coming IPL Seasons too. It has helped us to employ 100s of young people directly and indirectly. Similarly, we own 100s of VBFs.